Excel watermark text behind cells

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I have some years ago saved an excel file in my Templates/good ideas folder that shows a watermark text behind the cells. This text scales with the cells over 3 rows and one column, flips from vertical to horizontal depending on the size of the cells, and (weirdly) it shows when i have excel scaling at 20% but disappears at around 40%. It looks interesting, but I apparently have amnesia because I can't remember how I did it, left no instructions, and can't figure out what it is either in the excel itself or via Google. (it does not show in google sheets, only actual excel)

What it appears not to be: macro, object, header/footer.

Here is the link to the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dYPVaG8fSYYwlNv_ErFWhpR9WXBWwXfL/view?usp=sharing

Anyone has any idea how this was made? Thanks!

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