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I am fairly new to Python and I am trying to use the jira-agile-metrics package to get metrics from our Jira project. As I read the documentation for the jira-agile-metrics, the instruction is to use the Python command line. After installing the package successfully, whenever I try any the commands listed in the documentation, I get the error message "name 'jira' is not defined.', starting by a single jira-agile-metrics --help command.

I checked the directory where the package is installed, checked also the yaml config file location that I created, and it seems that everything is in place correctly.

Can someone give me some direction on what I am missing? Is it possible to use an IDE with this package instead of the command line?

Here is the documentation:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! Here is the screenshot of the error: jira-agile-metrics_notdefined_error

I also tried this: jira-agile-metrics_notdefined-help

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