I have created a REST - data service in WSO2EI an tried accessing through postman client tool, but I am getting this error.

End Point: http://LAPTOP-T4F1HOAM:8280/services/getStudRecNo?user_id=test8

The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found is /services/getStudRecNo?user_id=test8 and the WSA Action = null. If this EPR was previously reachable, please contact the server administrator.

Can anyone please help.


dss code.

<data name="getStudRecNo" transports="http https local">
   <description>get student unique id</description>
   <config enableOData="false" id="mySchoolDB">
      <property name="driverClassName">org.postgresql.Driver</property>
      <property name="url">jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/mySchool</property>
      <property name="username">admin</property>
      <property name="password">admin</property>
   <query id="GetStudentRecordNo" useConfig="mySchoolDB">
      <sql>SELECT getstudentid FROM getstudentid(?)</sql>
      <result outputType="json">{"entries": {"entry": [ { "getstudentid": "$getstudentid"} ]}}</result>
      <param defaultValue="TEST" name="user_id" sqlType="STRING"/>
   <operation name="getsrno">
      <call-query href="GetStudentRecordNo">
         <with-param name="user_id" query-param="user_id"/>
   <resource method="GET" path="getsrno">
      <call-query href="GetStudentRecordNo">
         <with-param name="user_id" query-param="user_id"/>

1 Answers

Chanikag On Best Solutions

You have to append the resource path ("getsrno" in your case) to the URL. Then the URL would look like,


Further, since the resource's HTTP method is GET, the request should also be a GET request.