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Entry gets overwritten

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I'm quite a newbie, so sorry for my maybe very simple question. I have an xml-File that I'd like to convert into a txt-File. Basically I managed to convert the file. However, there is a section in the input file that sometimes has one, sometimes has two entries. If there are two entries, the first one always gets overwritten in the output file. How do I succeed in generating two entries in the output file?

I prepared a csv-File with all the output variables I need. The schema-file (input-file) can be found here: (eCH-0011-8-1.xsd --> my problem starts with the section "placeOfOrigin"). After that I mapped the variables of the input file to the corresponding variables in the output file. Considering my problem with the two entries, I fiddled around with the sequence function, but didn't succeed.

I deliberatly created two output variables "place of origin" (xx_placeOfOrigin_1 and xx_placeOfOrigin_2). However, both sets of variables always contain the same in the output. The following image of my mapping does of course not work, but I have no clue how to proceed.

This does of course not work

What kind of functions or what kind of filter can I set to get both entries?

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