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Emulator Manager Not Launching in Tizen Studio

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NOTE: I am new to Tizen Development, so please keep that in mind when answering or commenting.

I have recently installed Tizen Studio. I started a new sample web-based project for Wearable 4.0 using the TouchPaint sample. When I try to open the emulator manager to run the sample, I get an error message that reads "JAVA_HOME not set in env variables" [newline] "Please set the value and try again".

I have also tried using the run command. If I use that, it will start up the emulator but will fail to launch the program. I see the "watch" with a black screen and some unformatted text, similar to a command line. It only completes the operation ("Launching TouchPaintTest") to 6%.

Anybody who knows about this out there, please answer my question as I am very interested in Tizen wearable development.

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