Is there a simple way to embed a React app into a WordPress page that's using Oxygen builder? I am a beginner to programming and I've created an app with React for a school project.

I built the pkg using npm run-script build then put the build folder into my file manager. I have installed a plugin called Embed React App and created a shortcode according to the instructions but when I view the page the actual shortcode is displayed.

[reactapp id="weatherapp" "reactapp/static/js/1.36b898e1.chunk.js" "reactapp/static/js/ main.1e85266a.chunk.js "reactapp/static/css/main.c5da1061.chunk.css"]

This is the shortcode I'm trying to use according to documentation. This is my first time posting here so I'm not sure exactly how to describe this problem to get the right help. I'm trying to get it on the page under the Alerts section. In the package.json file I set the homepage as "homepage": "" and in the index.js I have document.getElementById('weatherapp')).

I have the code up on GitHub if that helps. Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

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