We are developing windows service application on .net 3.5 platform. One our client requires to install this application on windows XP Embedded with very low resources (200MB free disc space and 1GB RAM). There is no possibility to install .NET. We decided use Embedded MONO (3.0.1) for our managed application load. Mono loader is created as native windows service which loads managed application according this example : https://www.mono-project.com/docs/advanced/embedding/ Native application successfully loads managed assembly, application runs for 2~12 hours and then crashes. Windows service is alive but managed code is not responding: now new logs, tcp conventions are not accepted. When we stop service, managed assembly Stop method is called but it blocks and service cannot be stopped, only process kill. After application stops responding CPU load is 0% There is no record on windows event log. In managed assembly all exceptions are handled

What can cause this kind of problem? What else I can check to find out why application crashes? Is it possible to add some additional logging in mono?

On Windows XP service runs without any problems.

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