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In Electron, I'm trying to create a custom menu and loading it into the main window, like so:

window = new BrowserWindow({
    frame: false


Then, I load external content into a BrowserView(), like so:

view = new BrowserView()

    x: 0,
    y: 32,
    width: window.getContentBounds()['width'],
    height: window.getContentBounds()['height'] - 32



Now, the problem is that while I can see the menu bar, when I click on anything to open that menu it doesn't show because it's being covered by the BrowserView(). If I comment out/remove the window.setBrowserView(view) line, or even change the x bounds of the view (to something lower in the window), then I see the menu item just fine.

Is there a way to make the main window content overlap/overlay the browserview content?

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