I have a Discord bot that I'm writing a restart function for. I want to be able to run one command that will not only stop the script, but kill and restart it, so I can implement updates quickly. I've realized that the Discord API is not sufficient for this so I haven't added it to the tags. The simplest way I can think of is by using two scripts that call each other.

Every resource I've found references either a module (?) called PM2 or a programming language called VBScript. I do not want to mess around with a module that automatically reboots every single time I save, and I especially don't want to try learning a new language.

Here is my pseudocode showing what I'm aiming for:

function reboot() {

kill (`./bot.js`)

The result I'm hoping for is for bot.js to run reboot.js. Reboot.js will then quit bot.js and run it again. Then reboot.js will close. I don't care about any processes already running on bot.js.

Of course, if there are even simpler ways to do this, please let me know. I need as much simplicity as I can get.

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Jed Richards On Best Solutions

I'm not familiar with Discord bots, but if you want to start, kill and restart processes programmatically in NodeJS then you want to look into the child_process module.


Tim VN On

PM2 is a process manager and would do the trick for you.

It's easily installed: npm install pm2 -g

Start your bot: pm2 start bot.js --name "Discord Bot"

Code-wise, you'll want to simply kill the process. PM2, being a process manager, will restart it for you.

Gridzbi Spudvetch On

I've figured it out. I used the child-process module built into node.js.


var cp = require('child_process');
function reboot() {
    var ls = cp.spawn('node', ['reboot.js']);

[full contents of reboot.js]

var cp = require('child_process');
var ls = cp.spawn('node', ['bot.js']);

(posting all this for fellow noobs to use)

Edit: Note that after restarting, console outputs no longer work, as it's running from reboot.js rather than directly from the terminal.