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I am working on fastapi app. I have a API which fetches data from multiple schemas and consolidates the output and sends as response.

Here is my code for changing schema dynamically:

def fetch_all_db_status(session: Session, schema_names):
    db_status = []
        for schema_name in schema_names:
            models.DBStatus.__table__.schema = schema_name
            result = session.query(models.DBStatus).all()
    except Exception as ee:
        logger.error("Error while fetching data from DB_STATUS for schema: " + str(schema_name))
    return db_status

But the schema does not change everytime, its pointing to the first schema.
For example i have 2 schemas: ["CUSTOMERA", "CUSTOMERB"]
On the first iteration the data is fetched from CUSTOMERA and on the second iteration the schema is set to CUSTOMER
B but the query is still pointing to CUSTOMERA.

Can someone please explain how can i connect to schema dynamically and fetch data?
Do I have to create the engine with new schema name each time? WHat is the right approach?
Im using sqlalchemy

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