I wrote a Python script that analyzes and filters stock data. I write the stock data into a mongodb. The result is a CSV file with the filtered values in it. Is it now possible to create a docker container that contains Python & mongodb and copies the CSV from the container to the host?

I tried creating a Dockerfile with python only. But when it comes to adding the mongodb service and exporting the file to the host i am a little overstrained.

My goal is that at the end I'll have one Docker container that runs the python script & exports the file to the host.

Do you know any best practice? Or a good tutorial that covers my needs?

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Praveen Rewar On Best Solutions

I would not recommend python and mongodb to be installed on the same docker container. Usually db and the app should be installed on separate containers using docker-compose. But still, if you want them to be on same containers, then you can do so by using an Ubuntu ( or anything else you are comfortable with) image installing mongodb and python on it and then running your scripts. I found this following git repo that contains one such Dockerfile. Regarding copying CSVs from dockert to host machine, you can do so by using volumes, if you want to use docker-compose which I would totally recommend, or you can use docker cp command to get the data manually from docker to host.