I have to build an app in Angular that is supposed to act as Single-page app, but within it I need to have say 2 pages that are plain old simple HTML without any dynamic data - a simple landing page with some info about what the app is about, what it does, who should use it... just basic stuff. Of course, this part should be SEO optimized and loaded as fast as possible.

My question is do I need Server-side rendering for this part? If the answer is yes, could this be done with an existing server since I will have one for API? I've noticed in Angular SSR is done with Angular Universal and they mention server module in every guide/tutorial but as far as I understand this would be redundant if you already have a server for API.

The other way to do this would be serving static HTML pages, would this be enough? I would guess having 2 static HTMLs for landing pages and another one that wraps SPA would suffice?

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