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We have got two separate servers running DNN version 9.01.01.

They both are configured the same in IIS with Custom Error Pages turned off. The web.config is set to:

<customErrors mode="off"/>

We are trying to test and go to a page which does not exist which should give a 404 Error page but instead, it goes to a 503 Error Page (Service Unavailable). When I look at the DNN Admin Logs it says the that it is trying to go to a 404 error page.

enter image description here

enter image description here

I noticed that when I select a non-specified page in the DNN Settings under the Behaviour Tab, it then gives a different error:

enter image description here

From this information, I suspect it is a DNN 9.1.1 bug?

I found a previous bug which was present in earlier DNN versions:

I also found this DNN post:

enter image description here

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