I have written an App using the Mobile and Android SDK (based on the sample app). However on when the app runs on a DJI Crystal Sky, it frequently happens that no Toast Messages get displayed.

Patterns: - They work fine on other devices. - If they work, they work continuously while the app runs. - If they don't work, they won't show up at all. - The best way to get them to show is to reinstall the app. - Changing notification settings on the Crystal Sky had no effect for me.

Has anyone else come across this issue and found a way to solve it? It seems like DJI use Toast messages in DJI Go and Go4 where they show reliably. I.e.: there must be a way to get them to work.

P.S: I already looked into Snackbar and other libraries, but they are by far not as versatile which is why I would like to stick to Toast if possible.

EDIT 29/04/2019 I have just noticed that the same behaviour is observed in other Apps (ES file explorer).

Probably not fixable in code and a bug in the Crystal Sky's software.

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