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Distribute rabbitmq messages evenly

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At the moment we have number of publishers (micro-services) which publish their messages to exchange. Each message has a serviceId attribute. The queue is connected to a single subscriber (micro-service) which processes the queue messages, processing of a single message is a costly operation (takes about 20-30 secs). Currently we have the following situation: service A publishes ~200 messages, after some seconds service B publishes 2 messages. So the subscriber will process these 2 messages only after the first 200 will be processed.

We want to process the messages in the order they came to the queue, but with respect to the source serviceId.

Obvious solution is to split the queue to a separate queues (one per publisher) and subscribe to each queue separately, but the number of publishers can change, we need to request them dynamically and subscribe (unsubscribe) to them.

Another approach is to replicate our subscriber app to have one to one relationship between publisher and subscriber, but this will require more system resources.

What would be the best approach to handle this situation? Thanks!

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