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I've just started to work with WordPress and trying to create a Micro-Blogging Site like twitter. I've installed P2 theme. It's working fine.we can post our statuses like tweets and all.

Now the problem where I am stuck is that:-

As soon as any user logs into the site( I am running it on my localhost and had created users on my own from backend) he/she can see all the posts and tweets of all other users.

So I tried to make few groups and assign several users to each of the groups. Since I am totally new to WP I searched for may plugins which can allow me to create group and assign members , So that the user from a particular group can see the posts and tweets of the users of that same group.

But I am unable to find out any such plugin(or it might be that I am unable to use the plugins which I found through googling around).

So please can anyone help me to get around this problem.

I would really appreciate any kind of help.

Thanks, chirag.tyagi

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