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Disable keyboard navigation in file explorer after 1.31 update

Asked by At

Update 1.31 added keyboard navigation to tree widgets, where it will now filter items in the file explorer tree based on a search result.

Previously, when the file explorer was focused, I was able to use A or shift+A to create a new file or folder in my current directory. I am now unable to do this, as any keystrokes enter a filtering mode in the tree, rather than performing the keyboard shortcut.

The developers have added a setting to control this: workbench.list.keyboardNavigation, however none of the options appear to revert it to the old behaviour.

Changing this option simple, rather than the new default highlight, allows the keyboard shortcuts to work as they did previously, however the new file/folder I create are now created in what feels like an arbitrary location in the file tree, rather than the current directory which was the previous behaviour.

If anyone could shed some light on how to revert back to the previous functionality, or if I am misunderstanding how the simple behaviour works, that would be great.

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