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Devise/OmniAuth Override default callback url

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I'm using Devise 3.5 with Omniauth in a Rails 4 app. I've created an integration with Facebook that allows a user to connect their Facebook account to my app. Currently when the user clicks the connect button, they're sent to /user/auth/facebook and then redirected to the callback url that Omniauth generates: /user/auth/facebook/callback. What I'd like to do is manually override this callback url in some cases - meaning that I don't want to override it in an initializer - with a fully qualified url. For example, if a user starts out on I might want to override the default callback url with

My app has dynamic subdomains and a user will (almost) always begin the authentication process on a subdomain. Unfortunately it seems that Facebook doesn't support wildcards in oauth redirect urls, which is why I want the ability to detect if a user is on a subdomain and adjust the callback url to something that I have whitelisted on my Facebook app so that the authorization process succeeds.

From what I've read, the url helper omniauth_authorize_path accepts additional arguments to be passed on as parameters. I've tried passing a custom callback path in like so, but without success:

user_omniauth_authorize_path(:facebook, callback_path: @custom_callback)

I've also tried changing callback_path to redirect_url and redirect_uri, but nothing seems to work. When I look at the link that's generated, it does indeed include the callback as a parameter in the url, but when I click the link, I'm redirected back to the default callback url instead of the custom callback url.

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