I’m using JSF and Primefaces 6.0 for my project. Also I’m using a custom template for designing navbar and sidebar. Template using material design and bootstrap. I noticed that some styles defined in primefaces are overriden by default used template styles in mdb.min.css file that used in my template. So PF compnents don't display correctly! I use faclets (ui:insert , ui:define , … ) for design pages in my template.

My concrete problem is that I would like to default css of template don’t apply on primefaces components.

Is there any way to force default primefaces css apply to PF components in “ui:define” facelet!! In other words in my h:form tag only PF styles apply to components (not css of my template).

I tried using facet like ‘last’ in body to apply PF styles but it didn,t work.

Can anyone help me!

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