I have developed a Qt Application (in C++) which requires a custom file format .tst. It's basically a csv format with it's first line storing meta data regarding the file and after that there are x and y comma separated values.

For example,

440, 0.000000
441, 0.000000
442, 0.000000
443, 0.000000
444, 0.000000
445, 3.573799
446, 3.573799
447, 2.695069
448, 2.695069

The first string value in the first line denotes sequencing of meta data. Each character in the first string in the first line denotes the information at a particular position in the comma separated values.

The t character denotes that second string in the comma separated values denote the type of the data being stored ca in the file. The v character denotes that the third string in the comma separated values denote the version of the file format 1. I can extend and add more characters in the first string and corresponding append the values by separating them with a comma in the first line.

I was wondering Is there any way so that I can stores my meta data in such a way that it doesn't appear in the file content when opened with text editors? I know there is some meta data associated with every file like it's time of creation, last modification time stamp, permissions.

Is there any cross-platform method to store my meta data along with file's meta data?

Even if you have some other better way to store my meta-data, please do mention that in comments or your answers.

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