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I am working on a site

If you take a peek and position your cursor and continuously move it on the main header hero image while refreshing the page. You will notice that it likes to scroll to the right a bit. This also happens when scrolling down while the page is still rendering.

Has any one had this issue? I pin pointed it down to the widget that I am using is set to full-width stretched. When I inspect the css it looks like the width (depending on the browser window size) will display margin-left: -154px; margin-right: -154px:

This is to stretch the image the full width. But if you wiggle your cursor it will show that the margin-left attribute goes to 0px: while the margin-right will continue to be -154px: or what ever the value is for the screen size.

I have no idea how to take care of this.

Any thoughts?

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