Years ago I did some Visual Basic programming and there was the ability to create reports. There were built in tools like Crystal reports or something similar to what Access has. Is there any such tool for generating reports in the current Visual Studio Community for Visual Basic and/or Visual C#?

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Caius Jard On

StackOverflow isn't normally a suitable site to ask "recommend me a library that does..." type questions but in this case I believe it is appropriate to provide an answer based on the Microsoft Reports designer facility that used to be provided with VS but is now an optional install extension because this is what I think you're referring to.

I believe it ceased to be bundled with VS by default in 2013 version, possibly 2015 and is now obtained from to download the designer component. To view reports designed by it you will need to use nuget to install the Microsoft.ReportViewer package(s)

Competing reporting packages exist and there is a chance you are instead referring to one of this but whether they fit your needs is for you to decide; we can't make specific recommendations nor an exhaustive list which is what we'd have to provide to make it reasonably impartial. Most of the reporting I see done these days is with HTML crafting and client side JavaScript libraries. To this end The .net framework does also have chart components (Microsoft Chart Controls) but using them is more involved than the report designer experience you're describing

ut or On

Had you tried Report Wizard? You can use expressions, totals, avg. You can Design it and while viewing - to export it, and etc.