In my chrome sources tab, I am able to view all my files by exact folder location. How can I hide them?

These weren't the problem in my previous project, which were made without using create-react-app.

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Xarvalus On Best Solutions

It seems to be correct behaviour in create-react-app according to Issue #1632.


This is expected. You can delete .map files from the build output if you want to disable it, although you'll get console warnings about them missing.

There is no harm in leaving them in though in my opinion. Client code is already available to the user’s machine so there’s no secrets in it.

Maybe this is your case?

Also ensure you have proper production build, the output of npm run build/yarn build is the one which should be deployed to your server.

Ravin Gupta On

Delete all the .map files (from js/ and css/ folder) before uploading to the production server