I'm trying to create a template of an Azure resource group in order to have a dev resource group and a test resource group. Logic Apps, Service bus, etc works fine, but connections are not setting ok because I don't know how to set, for example of an SQL connection or ServiceBus connection, its server address via parameter, sql user, password... It only appears the connection name when I get the template of my test resource group in my parameters json file.

How can I do it?

Is this way correct?

"properties": { "displayName": "OperationalSqlDev", "customParameterValues": { "authType": "windows", "database": "[parameters('sqlDatabase')]", "password": "[parameters('sqlPassword')]", "server": "[parameters('sqlServer')]", "username": "[parameters('sqlUser')]" },

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if your question is how to use parameters and parameters file you can take a look at an examples in the examples repo.

In general you define parameters in parameters section of the template and then you assign values using parameters file or inline with powershell\cli\what_have_you