We are using Crashlytics for exception/crash reporting in iOS app. I am not an iOS expert and a freelance developer developed the app for us. He used the kits instead of the library, saying none available for iOS. Crashlytics Kit is taking approx 45mb+ size in iOS app whilst in Android app the library was just a few KBs. I searched the internet but cannot find anything on this subject. Am I missing something? The IPA file is 26mb without Crashlytics kit and 74mb with the kit.

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Michael Krutoyarskiy On Best Solutions

Your .ipa contains frameworks for all the supported platforms and may be pretty big. But then an actual user will download your app it will be for a specific device and the slicing will be applied which will make all the frameworks smaller. I suggest you read this: DTS40014195-CH1-MEASURE You will be able to see the exact size of your application per specific device and the sizes of the frameworks.