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CraftCMS - CraftQL querying globals always returns error

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When querying globals from the GraphiQl interface, from my frontend application, or from an API explorer like Insomnia, CraftQL returns an error Trying to get property of non-object.

I am running Craft 3.1.8 and CraftQL 1.3.1.

query getGlobalTest {
  globals {
    ... on GlobalsSet {
      test {
        ... on Test {

The error occurs in vendor/markhuot/craftql/src/Types/Query.php on line 215.

foreach ($setIds as $id) {
  $set = \Craft::$app->globals->getSetById($id, $siteId);
  $sets[$set->handle] = $set;  <-- Error line

This happens when querying anything in globals. I read somewhere that this has to do with Craft updating to UUIDs in Craft 3.1, however, I am not sure.

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