I want to transfer data from a specific folder to another computer from the server, but I just started to study the baht files until I can manage it, please help

Below is an example that I have already used, but it does not copy.

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
net use R:"\\\New folder" /user:EUROPE\AnzhelikaKAst 
md "R:\olo"
xcopy C:"\\\New folder\olo" "R:\olo" /S /V /Y
net use R: /DELETE
[enter image description here][1]pause

I hope for your help and support

1 Answers

lit On


net use R: "\\\New folder NurSultan!2019" /user:EUROPE\AnzhelikaKAst NurSultan!2019 
md "R:\olo"
xcopy "C:\New folder\olo" "R:\olo" /S /V /Y  
net use R: /DELETE