I'm newbie in programming and I'd like to code my first application.

I have problem with one of the tasks. I created a table MENU (where I can add, delete, edit all restaurant menu dishes). Restaurant service after logging in can "open new bill" and should see 2 tables:

1) all table with restaurant's dishes (menu) 2) new table which in start is EMPTY

So I successfully can SHOW the MENUS table (after clicking "open new bill"), but I don't know what next because what I want to do is:

If I click one of row MENU than the row should copy (or duplicate?) to NEW table. In this way waiters should create new order.

Waiter CLICK on 1) pork chop, 2) orange juice and 3) Whatever

on MENU table and exactly these rows should copy to new TABLE (with order).

I've no idea how to start with that... Regards

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