I have a user requirement to convert oracle standard report (Transaction Historical Summary)'s output into Excel

I have tried to change output to xml to get the xml tags so to make rdf but it ends in error.

What are the steps to convert a standard report's output to excel?

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Littlefoot On

You'd use Report Builder's DESFORMAT=SPREADSHEET parameter; it works for Reports 10gR2 onwards.

Here's a tutorial which shows how to do that: "Building a Report for Spreadsheet Output" (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B14099_19/bi.1012/b13895/orbr_paptoexcel.htm).

It doesn't make sense to copy/paste all those steps over here, so - have a look, follow the instructions.

If you're on lower version, you'd create a CSV (comma-separated-values) file (choose any delimiter you want, such as comma or semi-colon). Although it is not a XSL(X) file, Excel is capable of opening it nicely.