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Convert import() to synchronous

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I'm trying to convert all of my node require()s into the import() statements, however, those are async and I'm having a bit of trouble.

Right now I have:

import * as fs from 'fs';

const paths = fs.readdirSync('./src/modules').map(path => './modules/' + path.slice(0, path.length - 3));

const classes = [];

paths.forEach(path => {
    let bClass = require(path);

    try {
        classes.push(new bClass.default());
    catch (err) {
        //Here for if no default import

and want to convert that require(path) part into an import() but still want to keep it synchronous, is that possible? If it is, how would I got about it?

Edit: a little more context. I have a list of modules that we want to import, and we're doing it this way so if something bugs out with one module we can just comment it out / remove it and not have to recode everything else. I just need dynamic synchronous imports without using require().

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