**TL;DR: How to configure agent job when a release pipeline has multiple artifacts and set a condition so that only one agent job runs per artifact? **

I have set up a release pipeline in VSTS so that it can deploy a specific file from the build artifact, rather than the entire artifact to the target release folder.

What I would like to do is add more artifacts, from other build pipelines to this one release pipeline. My intention is to then clone the existing Agent Job and set a custom condition for each so that they only run when the artifact passed in is relevant to them. For example, something like:


I would intend to only fire this release pipeline from the build output of the build pipeline, therefore only passing it a single, specific build artifact. The idea being that one pipeline can be configured to release the single file from any build, rather than having multiple release pipelines for the job.

The problem is that no matter where I fire the release from it always picks up the first artifact and passes that to the agent jobs, which causes only the first job to run and the others to be skipped.

Is it possible to fire a release pipeline and cause it to receive a specified build artifact, rather than the fire in it's artifact list?

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