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Compiling haskell with llvm

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I'm starting to learn Haskell and I found out that ghc can compile using LLVM with the -fllvm flag. Whenever I use the flag, I get the error message:

<no location info>: error:
Warning: Couldn't figure out LLVM version!
         Make sure you have installed LLVM 3.7
ghc: could not execute: opt

However, I have opt in my /usr/local/Cellar/llvm/3.9.0/ folder. I'm on a Mac OS X and I've installed the full LLVM with brew install llvm but error persists. Is this a genuine version problem where I have to unistall LLVM and reinstall its 3.7 version? Or is ghc having trouble finding opt and there is some kind of search path I can modify to fix the problem? Thanks for the help and have a great day.

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