very new to coding so please ignore my ignorance.

I am having an issue with my code i typed the code and it was doing what I wanted to it and then when I was trying to place it into user functions it stopped working I think it's a simple error but I cant find it.

the error message I'm getting as is follows

Traceback (most recent call last):
  line 82, in <module>
  line 64, in main
line 21, in bestPrice
    w = int(size) * quantity
NameError: name 'size' is not defined

But when it's not in a function it works perfectly ? please help

I've tried everything a rookie knows how to do so far

def bestPrice():
    `enter code here` 
    w = int(size) * quantity
    weight_50 = math.floor(w / 50)
    w = w - (weight_50 * 50)
    weight_10 = math.ceil(w / 10)
    print("Best Solution: ")
    print("Buy " + str(weight_50) + " of the 50kg bags")
    print("Buy " + str(weight_10) + " of the 10kg bags")
    price_10 = PRICE[foodTypeIndex][0] * weight_10
    price_50 = PRICE[foodTypeIndex][1] * weight_50
    print("Total cost using this solution: $ " + str(price_10 + price_50))


basically it's a program that calculates the cost of something by someone inputting how much of the item they want and then it calculates the cost (which works) then the part of the code in question is supposed to calculate a cheaper way to do it, I just need to know what to fix

thanks for your time !!

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