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I have to create many AWS apigateway apis. All apis will use a Lambda function for invocation. These new apis will also include below common steps.

  • API type as Regional and a REST API
  • Add a POST Method
  • Method Execution Settings
  • Invocation Type=Lambda Function and also choose respective Lambda Function.
  • CORS Settings
  • Lambda Permissions
  • Integration Response Settings
  • Deploy API
  • Include stage in API Usageplan
  • Redeploy API

Here is apigateway clone API SYNOPSIS.

          --name <value>
          [--description <value>]
          [--clone-from <value>]
          [--binary-media-types <value>]
          [--minimum-compression-size <value>]
          [--api-key-source <value>]
          [--endpoint-configuration <value>]
          [--policy <value>]
          [--api-version <value>]
          [--cli-input-json <value>]
          [--generate-cli-skeleton <value>]

How to clone an apigateway API from existing apigateway API from CLI and avoid doing all the repeated steps mentioned above.

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