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clearTimeout if exists

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timer_gear exist only in case if I press some button (until 5 sec). But there is another function it can be called any time. In this function I clear the timer and restart it. But first I have to check if the object exists otherwise I get this error: Uncaught ReferenceError: timer_gear is not defined

Could you help me to solve this? These does not work.



EDIT1: first I misspelled my question: if(!timer => if(timer EDIT2:

the full code is:

function hide_gear(){
    $('#gear_div').animate({opacity: 0}, 1000);
    delete timer_gear; //EDIT3: destroy object


        opacity: 1,
      }, 1000, function() {
        timer_gear = setTimeout("hide_gear();",5000);
    if( ? ? ? )
        timer_gear = setTimeout("hide_gear();",5000);



timer_gear// Uncaught ReferenceError timer_gear is not defined
timer_gear != undefined // Uncaught ReferenceError: timer_gear is not defined
typeof timer_gear !== "undefined" // WORKS
typeof timer_gear != "undefined" // WORKS, just tired it
var timer_gear; //at the begining - WORKS, but I did not wanted a new variable if its not necessary

thank you for answers!

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