I have used createThumbnail function in ionic native videoEditor plugin in order to frame a video in an ionic mobile app. However I couldn't find a way to change the framing path. It will create frame images at '/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/io.ionic.starter/files/files/videos/' when the app is in the development mode. Does anyone know how to create thumbnail images at custom path.

Here's the code to create thumbnail images from my project. Variable pathToBeFramed contains the path of the video file.

getFramed() {
    this.frame_requests = [];

    for(var i=0; i<=Number(this.videoDuration); i++) {
      var option: CreateThumbnailOptions = {
        fileUri: this.pathToBeFramed,
        outputFileName: 'capture'+i,
        atTime: i,        // frame-rate (1 s)
        // width: 320,
        // height: 480,
        quality: 100

      this.videoEditor.createThumbnail(option).then(async res=>{
        if(res!=undefined) {
          this.thumbnailPath = res;
        console.log("Framing Error", err);
      this.noOfFrames += 1;


Here's the official Video Editor documentation. It also haven't mentioned any parameter on thumbnail path.

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