I am using "Add product quantity field limited to the available quantity in Woocommerce shop loop" answer code where I need some help.

When a customer tries to add more than the items in stock to cart, they see an error notice. Although we manage 2 languages in our website with WPML plugin (primary language is Italian and secondary is English) and the error notice is just in Italian and it is not possible to find this string anywhere to be translated. It says "Il Valore dive essere inferiore o uguale an X.".

I would like to do two things:

1) Change it in: "You have selected more than the contributions available, please select a value not greater than X."

2) Having it in both english and italian ("Hai selezionato piĆ¹ delle quote regalo ancora disponibili. Il valore deve essere inferiore o uguale a X."

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