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Change color of text in a cell of excel

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I would like to change the color of a text in a cell in MS Excel like the conditioned formatting. I have different text in one cell, e.g. "WUG-FGT" or "INZL-DRE". I would like to format the cells (all cells in my workshhet), that a defined text like "WUG-FGT" appears red and the other text "INZL-DRE" green, but the text is in the same cell. With "sandard" conditioned formatting I only get the backgroud coloured.

A similar questions is this: How can I change color of text in a cell of MS Excel?

But the difference is that I (actually) don't work with programming. That means that I need a more simple or easy solution to implement this in my excel file.

Is this possible? A solution with VBA would also be possible, I know how to implement them.

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