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Can't get access_token with MSAL/React

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I am trying to get an access token using MSAL and React using Azure B2C. I have configured B2C applications with permissions, scope, and setup a user flow, and I am able to login and get an id_token, but the AuthenticationResult never contains an access_token and is never set on subsequent requests.

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After logging in, here is code to get an access_token:

export async function getAccessToken(){

    const account = msalInstance.getActiveAccount();
    const accessTokenRequest = {
        scopes: ["https://<my api uri>/api.full_access"],
        account: account,
    var response = await msalInstance.acquireTokenSilent({
        account: account

    return response;

@azure/msal-browser = ^3.0.1 @azure/msal-react = 2.0.1

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