Ok I created a SQL Lite database and embbed in my app as a andriod asset the question is where the heck is the file stored on the device I used the following code to access the database

public Database()
    var path = Path.Combine(System.Environment.
     SpecialFolder.Personal), "StockApp.db");

     Console.Write("OPening Database dbPath" + path);

     database = new SQLiteAsyncConnection(path);

When I search for the file i cannot find it but when I use the internal debugger it puts the file at the following location.

It finds it fine and it does place a row in the table

path "/data/user/0/com.companyname.StockApp/files/StockApp.db" string

But where is the actual file I have a STK7 DEVICE for testing so Do any ideas?

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