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Cannot read property 'CheckFrequency' of undefined

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My team recently added CodePush to our React Native app, and while it works perfectly fine on the original local repository, when I pull the changes I get the error

Cannot read property 'CheckFrequency' of undefined

This occurs after installing react-native-code-push and linking it properly. All answers I found for similar questions seemed to have this error when using Jest, but we are not using Jest and this error happens any time I run react-native run-ios

The code looks like this:

CodePush is imported

import codePush from "react-native-code-push";

And later in the same file, the error occurs on

let codePushOptions = {
  checkFrequency: codePush.CheckFrequency.MANUAL, // error here
  updateDialog: false,
  installMode: codePush.InstallMode.IMMEDIATE

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