I am using Picker component is codename one, it was working properly before as shown in 1st screenshot, its showing the full string. But in 2nd screenshot, its not showing some alphabets.

Screenshot 1: !https://imgur.com/m29K4f5

Screenshot 2: !https://imgur.com/RWv0klM

Picker pcle = new Picker();
Accordion acle=new Accordion();
"Picking up a trash",
"Cleaning up a beach     "+"10",
"Cleaning up a park     "+"10",
"Tidying up the table after eating in a restaurant.     "+"5",
"Joining a clean up operation     "+"20"
pcle.setSelectedString("Select a Deed from Bottom of Screen");
acle.addContent("Cleaning", pcle);

where 'pcle' is my Picker, 'acle' is my Accordion

it is supposed to show whole string, but its not showing.

1 Answers

Shai Almog On

This looks like a regression due to the fix made here: https://github.com/codenameone/CodenameOne/issues/2774

I suggest commenting on the issue so it can be resolved by the upcoming Friday update.