I'm building a multiplayer game using Unity/C# that can be controlled from a web browser using just standard front end stuff (html, jss, ...). I run a WebSockets server on the unity side that clients can connect to, all of this happening locally, which is a big requirement, no internet!!!. The way I want to deploy the clients is through a local web server, a web server that I can can connect to through it's IP as usual. Now here comes the question, I'd like to be able to connect to that web server through a custom URL, something like game.studioname.com or game.studioname.local, so I'd like for people to be able to connect to a wifi hotspot that is opened from the computer hosting the game, type that custom URL in their browser and get automatically redirected to the local web server. Looking through the internet it seems what I want is a DNS server but I'm not sure how it will work, can it be as seamless as I want it to be for the clients, all while being completely local? Thank you.

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