I am building a targeting_spec for an ad set, and in the geo_locations object, I want to set the custom_locations to the address of a business or a city or whatever information I have available. I can do this easily using Ads Manager in the Locations search box. I simply start typing the address, and Facebook shows me if they know about the address/city or not.

I've already noticed I can specify a custom location manually like this:

geo_locations: {
    custom_locations: [{ address_string: '900 Washington Avenue, Racine, WI', radius: 25 }]

And that address will appear as the selected address in the "Locations" section of the ad set's audience in Ads Manager.

But there are lots of times where Facebook has a different address on their end than what I find on my client's website. I see this when I type in the address while building an ad set in Ads Manager:

enter image description here

Sometimes, Facebook will list the address in a different city or something. What I'd like to do is be able to use the Targeting Search API to search for an address and be able to view and choose an option from the results.

I visited the Targeting Search documentation, but there is no mention of searching for an address - only country, city, ZIP, etc.

I also used Developer Tools to inspect the AJAX calls going out when I type in an address while editing the ad set, and I see that it's calling /search with parameters type=adgeolocation and qs=%5B%22900%20Washington%20Avenue%2C%20Racine%2C%20WI%22%5D. But if I go to Graph API Explorer and copy the exact same parameters, I always get a response like:

"data": [
      "key": "900 Washington Avenue, Racine, WI",
      "category": "no_match"

I have searched Google, searched Facebook's documentation, searched here, and I can find no mention of searching for an address to make sure Facebook has reference to it or has it under a different city or something.

Should I just always pass the address_string as my client has it on their site and just hope that Facebook knows about the address and is able to determine where it is? Or is there actually a way to do an address search using /search?

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