I am running Visual Studio Code on Linux. One curious thing about it is that when i choose to save a new copy of a file (with Ctrl+Shift+S, rather than Ctrl+S), it doesn't put me in the same directory where the open file currently is, but rather in what seems to be some default location, which for me is the /tmp directory.

I don't know if this is Code's fault (or setting), and can i get it to offer the active directory by default when doing this?

I've searched for the keyword "save" in user settings, but haven't found anything relevant.


I've noticed the behaviour where the directory it offers is the last directory where the scratch text editor has saved a file. So, because Elementary calls scratch code now, maybe there's a conflict between the default scratch's code and visual studio's code commands, or settings, but how would i check and resolve if that is the case?

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