I want to calculate the percentage of two inputs which are total marks and obtained marks. When user fill these two inputs then in the percentage field i want to show the percentage automatically. I don't have the basic idea. Below is my controller

/** MyController.php */

public function store(ReportRequest $request)
    $input = $request->all();

    if ($file = $request->file('photo_id'))
        $name = time() . $file->getClientOriginalName();
        $file->move('images', $name);
        $photo = Photo::create(['file'=>$name]);
        $input['photo_id'] = $photo->id;


    return redirect()->back();

1 Answers


You can create a computed Accessor attribute in your Request model class:

/** Request.php */

public function getMarksPercentageAttribute
    return (float) $this->obtained_marks / $this->total_marks;

So when you create your records.. you can use this attribute:

$request = Request:first();
dd($request->marks_percentage); // 0.35 for example

PS: I'm assuming that total_marks and obtained_marks are columns of your table. In case this aren't the correct names, replace this with the ones you actually use.

Note, after the creation of the element you are returning back.. you could redirect to a show view for example. From the docs:

Redirecting To Named Routes

When you call the redirect helper with no parameters, an instance of Illuminate\Routing\Redirector is returned, allowing you to call any method on the Redirector instance. For example, to generate a RedirectResponse to a named route, you may use the route method:

return redirect()->route('login');

If your route has parameters, you may pass them as the second argument to the route method:

// For a route with the following URI: profile/{id}

return redirect()->route('profile', ['id' => 1]);