Hi! To my misfortune, I picked up a subject at the university, which I would have had to do some WEB subjects, but I didn't do it. So I have a difficult job. (Becouse I didn't understand anything in the lessons) I would like to ask for your help in this.

Here's the task:

Javascript technologies are required The task will be to create a server and client-side application using any Javascript technology. You can use either the express + react-redux or other (eg koa + angular2) technologies.


Implementing Caesar encoding will be a task in the following way:

A client must enter a key (any string). The key is sent to the server and the server responds to the shift of the key. Knowing the offset, the client-side application can encode / decrypt a text. The coded / decodable text may include English alphabet letters or spaces. The alphabet letters are coded according to the coding, leaving the space in place.

Details of implementation Some architectural or operational requirements are also applied to some parts of the application.


The client-side application is implemented as a single page application, ie it communicates with the server by a maximum of ajax. The application consists of two screens. One for entering the key and one for encoding.


The application stores the keys only in memory. The only endpoint of a single endpoint should be implemented as an JSON any endpoint. For each key, store a number to return the same to another request. If a key is not yet known, generate a shift that is then saved. The application can be implemented even without any state of the art. At this point, we can find the offset by using a function that represents a "clean" string.

If something is not clear, let me know. (Because I asked the google translator for help.)

Thank you in advance for your help. B.J.

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