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is there a similar control for c# i am trying to create a uploading app that will display further detail's of status on the update if the user clicks the details button but i dont know the name of that c# control and i fiddle a little with the panel control and coudnt find any options for it anybody know a name for it or a technique that will achieve the same behavior?

EDIT: yes it's a desktop application windows specifically.

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mquander On Best Solutions

There isn't a WinForms control that imitates that functionality natively. You'll have to roll your own in one form or another, or find a third-party control.

One somewhat similar control that you might be able to coerce into doing your bidding is a SplitContainer oriented horizontally. If you wire up a button to switch the visibility on the top panel on and off, that would produce an "expanding/hiding" sort of effect.

John Sheehan On

Assuming this is a web app, there's an Ajax Toolkit Control for this or you could use jQuery.

Erik Funkenbusch On

I don't know of any control that does this because, frankly, it's so simple to implement yourself. Just put a button on your form that says "more details", and in the OnClick event change the size of the panel (and form if necessary), marking the controls you want visible at the same time.