I'm using Visual Studio 2019 to code my two separate projects placed in main solution. First part is just a Client-side code that will be compilated in a client's machine (Not in Visual Studio, it's only raw code that will be copied to other folder after Build). And second part is a server-side code that have to be complited when I press Debug button.

I want the following: when I press F5 (To run my code), first project should be built like as I choose it and press ctrl+b and in this time second project should be debugged (compiled and opened).

Client-side project (first project) is just a couple of files that I need to copy to different folder without any compilation and VS's stuff, here's post-build event command line:

del "path_to_work*.*" /Q
for /R %CD% %%i in (*.cs) do (xcopy %%i "path_to_work" /Q /Y /EXCLUDE:exclude.txt)

To clear situation, I'm bored with switching among projects and need to do two actions in one click (Build & Debug).

I apologize for my terrible English.

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Kira Hao On

Visual Studio support builds and runs multiple projects at the same time, but it requires a sequence.

In short, you can always use right-click project> Debug> Start new instance to run any project at any time.

Eg: right click run backend project then right click again run client project, both instances run simultaneously.

Apologize if this solution not so automated solution, but it simple and work like charm.