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Beginner wondering if his code is 'Pythonic'

Asked by At

This is really the first thing that I have written in python. I come from Java background. I don't want to just learn how to program java code with Python syntax. I want to learn how to program in a pythonic paradigm.

Could you guys please comment on how I can make the following code more pythonic?

from math import sqrt

# recursively computes the factors of a number
def factors(num):
    factorList = []
    numroot = int(sqrt(num)) + 1
    numleft = num
    # brute force divide the number until you find a factor
    for i in range(2, numroot):
        if num % i == 0:
            # if we found a factor, add it to the list and compute the remainder
            numleft = num / i
    # if we didn't find a factor, get out of here!
    if numleft == num: 
        return factorList
    # now recursively find the rest of the factors
    restFactors = factors(numleft)

    return factorList

# grabs  all of the twos in the list and puts them into 2 ^ x form
def transformFactorList(factorList):
    num2s = 0
    # remove all twos, counting them as we go
    while 2 in factorList:
        num2s += 1
    # simply return the list with the 2's back in the right spot
    if num2s == 0: return factorList
    if num2s == 1:
        factorList.insert(0, 2)
        return factorList
    factorList.insert(0, '2 ^ ' + str(num2s))
    return factorList

print transformFactorList(factors(#some number))

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